Decentralized Video Distribution

Get paid crypto for every view

Starting at

$15 every 10 years 

Earning 21% APY


Uncensored, decentralized video distribution


Create a digital identity and your token supply of 11 Million tokens


Each impression requires a token swap of equal value

How it works

By locking Stacks Tokens (STX) in a Hold Network (HLD) smart contract, anyone is given the right to mint exactly 11,000,000 tokens. The amount of STX required to access the network will start at around ~$15/year STX.

The required STX amount to fund your HLD smart contract will increase at a compounding rate of 21% over a 10 year period.  When locking funds in an HLD contract, the STX will immediately accrue at 21% compound interest. 


Anyone with locked funds can access the video hosting platform and upload content.  Each file is built as a smart contract that can be accessed with a successful swap in fungible tokens of equal value.  As the creator's token supply becomes more scarce, their token value will go up.  Also, they will own a basket of all their supporter's tokens as well. 

The creator tokens are not Securities, but simply utility tokens to grant access to content. Sort of like a digital vending machine for videos. This content is hosted on the decentralized web and confirmed on the Stacks blockchain.

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